At Cockburn Cement, we welcome feedback from the community about our operations. This information is important in assisting us to continue to improve our environmental performance.

There are three ways you can submit your feedback, as outlined below.

1. Community Feedback Hotline: If you have questions or feedback for us, you can phone freecall number 1800 156 826 and leave a message including your name, nature of feedback, address and return phone number. Your call will be responded to within 72 hours.

2. Email:

3. Mail: Environmental Impacts, Cockburn Cement, PO Box 38, Hamilton Hill, WA 6963

4. Online: Fill in the online form below.


We receive feedback about many different aspects of our operations so please note that your calls and emails are treated individually. A call to our feedback line will receive a response within 72 hours. All impacts reported to us are investigated and responses will be by email or phone depending what is most practical at the time.

If your call is in relation to an impact, it is important you provide us with the nature and time of impact, so we can conduct an investigation into the cause.

Part of our investigation may include a collection of dust samples for analysis in our laboratory.

We will provide feedback as the results of our investigations are available. Where Cockburn Cement has been identified as the possible source, immediate remedial action will be conducted.

Impacts reported to Cockburn Cement form part of our reporting schedule to the Department of Environment Regulation (DER).

What happens to your feedback

Your feedback is very important to us so, when you take the time to let us know how we are doing, you set in motion a series of processes and communications that result in better environmental performance.

The phone call or email you receive after registering your feedback is just the beginning. We want to acknowledge that your feedback has been received and the investigation process is underway.  Many people at Cockburn Cement are involved in the impact investigation and response procedure - Process Engineers and Supervisors, Compliance and Technical Managers all play a part.  High level analysis is done on results in relation to weather conditions and prevailing winds, process conditions and site operations are all investigated to identify the potential source and cause of the impact.

Your feedback data may contribute to longer-term projects aimed at reducing any potential impacts on our community and environment. While it isn't always possible to get back to individuals with the results of our investigations you can be assured that we take your feedback seriously and value the contribution you make to the amenity of the Munster community.

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Our 1800 156 826 Feedback Hotline

If you have questions or feedback for us, you can phone freecall number 1800 156 826 and leave a message including your name, address, return phone number and the nature of your case. Your call will be responded to within 72 hours. more >>