At Cockburn Cement, our vision is be regarded as a leader in environmental performance and community relations by 2016. Our ultimate goal is to exceed relevant environmental regulations and to be a good neighbour by minimising the impact of our operations on local residents.

Dragonfly - EnvironmentOur environmental improvement activities cover three key areas - marine, land and air. We have a particular focus on implementing environmental improvements at our Munster site because the residential communities bordering the plant are growing rapidly. Several thousand people are now living in neighbouring areas that were very sparsely populated when our plant was established in the early 1950s.


It is our fundamental policy to conduct business responsibly and in a manner that will ultimately protect our employees, adjacent communities and reduce our impact on the surrounding environment. When conducting our operations, we assess all the potential environmental impacts and integrate these considerations into our planning, operational decisions and processes.

Cleaner Production

As a signatory to the WA Cleaner Production Statement, we are committed to the pursuit of the principles of cleaner production and eco-efficiency for a clean and competitive Western Australia. The Statement is an initiative of the WA Sustainable Industry Group, representing the private and public sectors.

Kiln 5 & 6 Baghouses Complete

After three years the $42 million project to build baghouses on Kiln 5 and 6 is complete. Both baghouses are operational and reducing emissions from the Munster plant. more >>

Our 1800 156 826 Feedback Hotline

If you have questions or feedback for us, you can phone freecall number 1800 156 826 and leave a message including your name, address, return phone number and the nature of your case. Your call will be responded to within 72 hours. more >>