We are aware of community concerns regarding dust (particulates) and odour within the local area and are proactively seeking to reduce emissions from our Munster Plant through a range of actions, as outlined on our improvements page. During the past decade we have steadily reduced our environmental footprint at Munster, particularly in relation to dust emissions from the stacks.

During this time kilns 1 and 2 have ceased operation. Dust emission levels from all the stacks have also been comprehensively reduced as part of successive Operating Licences from 180mg/m3 to the target level of 100mg/m3 contained in the latest Operating Licence. This represents an approximate 45% decrease in approved dust emissions from the stacks in less than a decade and represents a considerable achievement for a plant the size and complexity of Munster.

CCL AerialWe continuously test both air quality and dust transmission in the community by conducting regular and extensive emissions assessments.

As well as the actual physical measurement of stack emissions required by the Operating Licence, we operate a Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) as required by the Operating Licence. The CEMS comprises the instruments and equipment required to analyse, measure and provide, on a continuous basis, a permanent record of emissions from the stacks at the site. Stack dust emissions are measured continuously with opto-electronic dust monitors.

The CEMS monitors dust (opacity), sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. The data is logged continuously to an environmental emissions database and reported to the DEC on a monthly basis. The monitoring and stack testing provides particulate and sulphur dioxide monitoring for all fourkilns and nitrogen oxides monitoring for the three clinker kilns. The monitoring and stack testing program is regularly reviewed to ensure all the activities remain relevant and accurate.

Stack testing for emissions leaving the kilns includes:

  • biannual testing for particulates, oxides of nitrogen, oxides of sulphur
  • annual testing for dust, acid gases, metals, combustion indicators and organic compounds.

Stack test reports are in turn compiled by our appointed independent stack emissions monitoring consultant ECS Pty Ltd and provided to the  DEC at the frequencies outlined above.

Kiln 5 & 6 Baghouses Complete

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