NOTICE TO RESIDENTS - independent evening surveying to be conducted in and around Munster area. Please click here for more information.

We are aware that members of the community have identified that there is an odour in the local area that impacts upon their lifestyle. The majority of complaints about odour have come from areas within the Kwinana Air Quality Buffer.

Since 2003 a wide range of potential odour sources have been investigated at the Munster Plant. None of the investigations undertaken have proved definitive in identifying the precise source of odour emissions.

While the Munster Plant is the major focus of complaints, there are other identified sources of odour in the area including the Woodman Point Waste Water Treatment plant, a local foundry, local market gardens and a City of Cockburn landfill site.

In the same way we are tackling dust issues, we are also working to reduce odour emissions and have been proactively addressing it for a number of years in consultation with the Department of Conservation and Environment (DEC) and, more recently, through our Environmental Improvement Plan.

Community Odour Assessment Study

We are working with an independent consultancy Emission Assessments to undertake a comprehensive Odour Assessment Study. The study is a condition of our environmental operating licence and we have been working with the DEC and Emission Assessments to prepare the scientific scope of the study. 

Community representation is a critical part of the study so residents in the locality of the sampling areas are needed to participate as observers. Members of the community within the assessment area have been invited to take part in the study, which will involve field odour observation and technical record keeping.

Prior to the odour study, the technical survey team and community members will be required to attend an information session at the Munster Plant and will familiarise themselves with the odours and their sources at the Plant.  This will assist in the recognition phase of the odour program.

Community members who participate will also be:

  • Trained in the use of record keeping documentations
  • Visited regularly by Emission Assessments staff to capture odour records
  • Provided with feedback on the process undertaken to evaluate records

If you are interested in participating in the study please contact the Community Relations Advisor on 1800 156 826 or via email: community@cockburncement.com.au

The sampling areas approved by the DEC for the study are located around the Munster Plant and are shown on the map below.

Odour Sampling Areas

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