We are aware that members of the community have identified that there is an odour in the local area that impacts upon their lifestyle. The majority of complaints about odour have come from areas within the Kwinana Air Quality Buffer.

Since 2003 a wide range of potential odour sources have been investigated at the Munster Plant. None of the investigations undertaken have proved definitive in identifying the precise source of odour emissions.

While the Munster Plant is the major focus of complaints, there are other identified sources of odour in the area including the Woodman Point Waste Water Treatment plant, a local foundry, local market gardens and a City of Cockburn landfill site.

In the same way we are tackling dust issues, we are also working to reduce odour emissions and have been proactively addressing it for a number of years in consultation with the Department of Environment Regulation and, more recently, through our Environmental Improvement Plan.

Community Odour Assessment Study

An independent consultancy, Emissions Assessment Pty Ltd, conducted a comprehensive Community Odour Survey (COS) over a 16 month period (January 2013 - April 2014). The primary aim of the COS was to assess odours in the community surrounding the Munster premises.

The methodology used for the COS was based on the German standard, VDI 3940 "Measurement of odour impact by field inspection - Measurement of the impact frequency of recognizable odours Parts 1 and 2" (2006). The methodology used was reviewed and approved by the Department of Environment Regulation prior to the commencement of the COS.

The sampling areas approved by the Department of Environment Regulation for the study were located around the Munster Plant and are shown on the map below.

The results of the COS were submitted to the Department of Environment Regulation and presented to the community at a community forum held in March 2015.

If you would like to know more about the COS please contact the community hotline 1800 156 826.

Odour Sampling Areas

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