We have successfully rehabilitated more than 35 hectares of land used for quarries at Munster. Since 2009 more than 50,000 seedlings have been planted at the site as part of revegetation programs.

Winter planting 2011


Our 2012 winter rehabilitation program involved 43 carefully selected native species being planted by volunteers from Murdoch University and the local community (left).

The key to the ongoing success of our rehabilitation program has been a significant investment into research to help determine appropriate soil preparation and native plant species to be used in the area. Revegetation on this scale represents a significant opportunity to support local native flora and fauna as much bushland in the area has been lost to clearing for housing subdivisions.

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There has been notable success in establishing Tuart trees on part of the site. Our Revegetation / Green Linkages Plan is focused on establishing and improving both internal and external ecological corridors to allow improved movement of fauna and flora and long term linkages of larger natural areas.

The rehabilitation of the quarries has also encouraged a vast array of wildlife to inhabit the area, including a large colony of blue wrens and around 400 rainbow lorikeets.

Our key areas of focus for 2013 are quarry 5 middle area, quarry 11 and quarry 9. In June, 32,000 plants including 35 local plant species will be planted. Our aims are to increase habitat and foraging opportunities and attracting particular wildlife, including the endangered Carnaby's Cockatoo.

Kiln 5 & 6 Baghouses Complete

After three years the $42 million project to build baghouses on Kiln 5 and 6 is complete. Both baghouses are operational and reducing emissions from the Munster plant. more >>

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