Research & Rehabilitation

A Seagrass Research and Rehabilitation Plan is included in the Environmental Management Programme (EMP). This comprehensive study covers many areas of research, planting and monitoring of seagrass. The study involves three universities, a botanic gardens and parks management authority, several leading environmental consultants and a marine engineering firm, all based in Western Australia. Download the Seagrass Research and Rehabilitation Plan.

WSeagrass and divere are committed to a range of marine environmental protection measures including the initial $2 million research program to develop practical technical solutions for the rehabilitation and re-establishment of seagrass.

These solutions include developing a mechanical seagrass transplanter, developing tissue culture for the micro-propagation of seagrass seedlings in nursery conditions and further research into the best conditions for regrowing seagrass after transplantation.

Kiln 5 & 6 Baghouses Complete

After three years the $42 million project to build baghouses on Kiln 5 and 6 is complete. Both baghouses are operational and reducing emissions from the Munster plant. more >>

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