Kwinana Air Quality Buffer

Our Munster Plant is surrounded by the Kwinana EPP Area, which is referred to in town planning policies as the Kwinana Air Quality Buffer (KAQB). The plant is located at the northern tip of Area B of the KAQB, which is the area that includes all the major industrial premises in the Kwinana Industrial Area.

The Munster Plant is located within the planning area of the Hope Valley Wattleup Redevelopment Project and the surrounding land, maintains its rural zoning.

The majority of complaints about the plant are received from an older residential area immediately north of the site that lies within the KAQB and includes Britannia Ave, Fanstone Ave and East Churchill Ave.

To the north east of the site, approximately 1.5 kilometres from our stacks, a substantial new residential area has been developed and is home for several thousand people.

On the western side of the site is Lake Coogee and the light industrial area surrounding the Australian Marine Complex. The Munster Plant is also surrounded to the east and south by market gardens and other small and medium industry. Located to the south of the Munster Plant are quarries operated by LandCorp and a large waste landfill operation operated by the City of Cockburn.

Expansion of Kwinana operations

Adbri and Cockburn Cement Limited (CCL) are pleased to announce the go ahead for the Kwinana Upgrade Project.

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Feedback Hotline

We welcome feedback from the community, it helps us to continually improve our operations.

Please call our community hotline on 1800 156 826.

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Live Emissions Feed

View the live data feed for particulate emissions from kilns 5&6. Data is transferred from the stack analysers, to process control systems and reporting software, and then displayed on this website as a live feed.