Environmental Management

Various management plans within the Environmental Management Programme (EMP), as well as specific Ministerial Conditions from the environmental improvement process, address the potential impacts of dredging, which are:

  • Changes in wave climate (i.e. wave height and direction) due to the changes in the water depth created by dredging, and any potential effects on coastal structures (eg groynes, jetties), shipping and navigation and the stability of the seabed and shoreline.
  • Loss of seagrass due to dredging
  • The effects of turbid plumes created by dredging and wash plant activities on the water quality of Owen Anchorage.

Key EMP elements are:

All activities carried out in the EMP are reported each year in our environmental compliance report which is submitted to the Office of the Environmental Protection Authority (OEPA) as a condition of the Ministerial approval.

Ministerial Decision on Licence Renewal for Munster Plant

Cockburn Cement has been formally advised that the WA Minister for Environment has considered and determined the appeals on the operating Licence for its Munster Cement and Lime Operations.

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Feedback Hotline

If you have questions or feedback, phone Freecall 1800 156 826 and leave a message including your name, address, return phone number.

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Live Emissions Feed

View the live data feed for particulate emissions from kilns 5&6. Data is transferred from the stack analysers, to process control systems and reporting software, and then displayed on this website as a live feed.