Live Kiln 6 Data

Notes on the emissions measurements

Stack particulate mass concentration is measured in milligrams per cubic metre (mg/m3). It describes the amount of dust in every cubic metre of air in the stack, at the point of measurement. Stack particulate mass flow rate is measured in grams per second (g/s). It is the product of the stack particulate mass concentration and the stack air flow and is an indicator of the amount of particulates exiting the stack.

It can be concluded that the lowest probability of environmental impact is when the stack particulate mass concentration and the stack flow are both low, the reverse is also true. However there may also be low probability for environmental impact when stack particulate mass concentration is high but the stack particulate mass flow is low. Stack particulate mass concentration and stack particulate mass flow should be interpreted together to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the likelihood of environmental impact from the stacks.

Please note: To maintain accuracy, the monitors conduct a daily system calibration. This occurs at approximatley 12:15 on K5 and 12:45 on K6. The graph will exhibit a spike in the data that can reach up to 346mg/m3. These spikes are not a reflection of actual emissions.

KILN 6 Maintenance Shutdown

Kiln 6 of Cockburn Cement's Munster Plant will be undergoing a regular maintenance shutdown from 13th October until 28th October 2019.

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Live Emissions Feed

View the live data feed for particulate emissions from kilns 5&6. Data is transferred from the stack analysers, to process control systems and reporting software, and then displayed on this website as a live feed.