South Coogee Primary Tree Planting

On the 29 June 2017 Cockburn Cement hosted 55 students from the South Coogee Primary School year six classes for a tree planting excursion and educational tour at the Munster Plant.

The students and Cockburn Cement staff planted a total of 500 native trees and shrubs at the Munster plant’s Quarry Five on the east side of the Munster site, as part of the organisation’s ongoing regeneration program.

According to South Coogee Primary School’s Principal, Lynn Beard, the day supported a number of the areas on the year six curriculum, particularly in regards to the sustainability and environmental focus of the syllabus.

“The Tree Planting Day at Cockburn Cement was a great opportunity for the students to play a hands on role in a regeneration program. The students thoroughly enjoyed the day getting their hands dirty while learning about regeneration and caring for our environment,” said Lynn.

The day included a presentation from Claire Turrell, Branch Manager Men of the Trees, Rockingham. Claire’s presentation included educational information about the variety of native plants used for regeneration, giving the students the opportunity to examine the different species native to the Cockburn area.

Commenting on the day, Claire said: “It is important for the next generation of custodians to know about the many different roles plants play in our environment and why we must protect and revegetate our natural areas. From giving us the air we breathe to being crucial food sources to other species in the biological web, each has its role in maintaining biodiversity.”

Cockburn Cement aims to support communities within the areas it operates through involvement in community programs, including working with local schools to provide open and positive engagement.
Revegetation of its quarries is one way Cockburn Cement can achieve its land improvement goals to provide beautification and dust minimisation benefits to the area surrounding its operations.

KIC iWomen and Cockburn Cement

Cockburn Cement was once again proud to host and sponsor the KIC iWomen Program this year. Cockburn Cement hosted 29 year ten students for a tour of the Munster Plant.

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