Ministerial Decision on Licence Renewal for Munster Plant



Cockburn Cement has been formally advised that the WA Minister for Environment has considered and determined the appeals on the operating Licence for its Munster Cement and Lime Operations.

The company has been informed that its renewed Licence will be extended for 5 years from the expiry of its previous term (March 2016).

Cockburn Cement welcomes the overall renewal of its Licence and believes that this acknowledges the fundamental importance of the Munster Cement and Lime Operations to the entire Western Australian economy.

The company has yet to receive an amended operating Licence from the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER).

As a result, Cockburn Cement is unable to provide specific comment on the Minister’s decision and the Licence until it has received a draft copy of the document and can examine in detail the new and/or revised conditions that it contains and their operational and regulatory implications.

The company appreciates the Minister reaching a decision on this matter prior to Christmas as the process has now taken more than two and half years since the expiry of its previous Licence.

Cockburn Cement’s current application for works approval to undertake an Odour Neutralising Trial at its Munster plant is a separate matter to the Licence. The company submitted its application in September 2018 and awaits approval from DWER.

Cockburn Cement remains committed to reducing the impact of its operations on the amenity of local residents. The company has steadily improved its environmental performance over many years through a wide range of site activities, operational changes and significant investment in equipment and technology.

For further information:
Luba Alexander - Group Corporate Affairs Adviser
Phone: 0418 535 636

KILN 5 Shutdown

Kiln 5 of Cockburn Cement's Munster Plant will be offline from the 16th to 26th January 2020 undergoing regular maintenance.

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