Odour Investigation Report

Key points

  • Odour investigation and report are part of the latest Licence conditions for Cockburn Cement’s Munster site
  • Report has been submitted to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) for review and feedback

Cockburn Cement has completed and submitted an extensive Odour Investigation Project for its Munster Plant as required under condition 18B of its current Operating Licence from DWER.The report into the investigation was provided to DWER today (1 August 2019) for its review. Cockburn Cement will work with DWER to identify the next steps to addressing odour amenity issues in light of the findings in the report.

The primary purpose of the Odour Investigation Project was to identify the source and cause of any odour detected. The aim was then to identify what, if any, additional emission controls or process controls could be implemented to address and mitigate odour emissions from the two active kilns at the site (Kilns 5 and 6), which are used for lime production.

Cockburn Cement and its specialist consultants investigated odour emissions and community impact under varying operating conditions for Kilns 5 and 6 at the Munster site over several months.

As the report has been submitted today, Cockburn Cement will now provide time for DWER officers to undertake their review before providing further public comment.

For more information:

Luba Alexander Group Corporate Affairs Adviser Phone 0418 535 636

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