Large colonies of black carnaby’s cockatoos, blue wrens, rainbow lorikeets and other wildlife have flocked to Cockburn Cement’s Munster site, all thanks to a dedicated team of Cockburn Cement employees who have been carrying out a revegetation program on the Munster site for the past decade.

Since 2009, over 60,000 native seedlings have been planted across the Munster site, helping revitalise important ecological corridors and improving the movement of fauna and flora across the site.

Over 36 hectares of land previously used for quarries has been rehabilitated, helping ensure long term linkages between larger natural vegetation areas continue to be strengthened. These linkages are becoming increasingly scarce as more land is cleared for housing subdivisions, making the work done by Cockburn Cement employees ever more vital.

The key to the ongoing success of the rehabilitation program has been the significant investment into research of soil preparation, and native plant species to be used in the area. By carefully selecting native species that are ecologically important and appropriate for the area, and ensuring the soil is in an optimal condition for planting these species, Cockburn Cement has been able to achieve significant rehabilitation, protecting and nurturing local flora and fauna.

The company is also committed to educating the next generation on
the value of rehabilitation, and has involved local school children in their rehabilitation efforts for several years.

In 2018 over 120 students, teachers and parents participated in tree planting days and planted over 1,600 native seedlings.

If you are interested in registering your child’s local school to be part of the native seedling program for 2019, you can contact

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